CDL Companies contracted Independent Drivers into Puppymill Type Servitude

15 Apr

There is a new con game going on that really makes millions on the backs of hard working folks.Trucking companies are registering the highest profits yet.Drivers are going broke and losing all.This con game lures the people in by promising to help establish a Trucking business for the person.It provides the equipment with out any money down or a credit check.If this sounds like the perfect solution to your financial worries…read on.

Keep this in mind as you read this:At the bottom of every beautiful Rose there lies a mass of  fertilizer that is not often thought of  when you first sight the perfect flower…..

The downside is that all permits,licenses,etc are billed to the person paying the lease..The Miles that are provided to this poor soul then are used to pay the lease.Those miles wont even provide lunch money.In fact the leasing person may end up owing the company for driving the truck.

The merchandise on board pays the leasing company huge amounts,None of this is passed on to the leasing driver.The leasing driver will find themselves being accused of not running miles never provided and constantly harassed by safety departments.The trucks have satellite sensors that rat out any braking,rol from even a stiff side wind,Speeding,moving,downtime, any stops or even moving to the next parking place.The dispatcher and safety use these “ratout”gadgets to endlessly hound the driver with mental distractions.Along with this ditraction all the expenses are placed on the person leasing the equipment.ALL of the expenses..Fuel,maintenance loss of time has to be paid for by the leasing driver whether the dispatcher provides work or sits this truck for as long as he wishes.Truck companies generaly meet on Mondays to plot out which drivers to starve out and which are the “show pieces” to be used to hook other drivers from other companies.These Showpieces also give the starving drivers fruitless hope that things will change.

The truck companies use constant bombarding of rules that shouldn’t effect someone paying their own business taxes.Double billing for fuel,repairs etc is common.A Company sponsored  accounting service is sometimes offered at extra charge that puts smiley faces on the printouts of negative income that does little more

.Although there is suppose to a great discount on service and parts offered by the company to the lease driver,These costs are much higher than the company drivers because your status is as a lease operator.If the company refuses to provide loads,you are losing money.No loads,No money!The company still demands payment of your lease agreement.They will tell you to mortgage your house to pay them.Borrow from a friend or family member.One driver was told by the company rep that he didn’t care where the money came from,it will be paid or that driver was facing a lawsuit.The regulations are the same as the company drivers.Company drivers will always get priority on miles and paying activities.
FLIP-SIDE:the lease driver is run just like a company driver.All the rules ,,Regulations and Bureaucratic BS
apply to the new “businessperson”.His/her pay is based on whether the dispatcher likes them.If his dispatcher doesn’t like them,then They go broke at a dispatchers whim.No reason need be given When the person leasing finally gives up out of shear desperation.The good “Ole Boys” in the cubicles are not going to rock the company boat as the drivers are outsiders to their little clic.Anything that company or dispatcher wants to say, goes on a drivers permanent record. This ridiculous practice should be monitored By the U.S.Federal departments They monitor everything else drivers do in the course of a day.If a driver stops for the bathroom break,It must be logged as a stop(no pun intended)I Hope you read this and send the Department Of Transportation  a  short polite note bringing this to their attention..If a company Hires you as a contractor with no intention of supporting their People,then they should be held responsible for the lies.Inron was held responsible and they are no different.If the person leasing in this manner is not able to get the work promised,The companies affiliated with the lease should share the loss.I suggest that at least 50% of all agreed too money for the job first, should go to the person leasing the equipment and then contracted to do the job,This must be paid to the leasing driver.This would serve as incentive to run the contractor as other drivers.It would also be an incentive to companies to stop robbing drivers to fuel the Puppy-Mill of new Government funded disposable drivers.

An independent  arbitrator should also be available with services charged to the loser of a decision.This would facilitate a sense of fairness the isn’t a trait of many companies.There is also another government funded program for the practice of hiring and firing so many drivers.The turn over rate for CDL truck drivers is one of the highest in the country for jobs.The reason is as follows and can easily be looked up on Government pages to substantiate my words.

The Program is funded by the government & helps the unemployed people to re-educate and start a new career life.The government loads (or grants) money to the unemployed person with the idea of repayment and restarting their lives as CDL Truck-Drivers.Most of these “schools” are legit and turn out entry grade drivers that should have many more weeks or months driving with a trainer onboard to further train the Student driver.The Truck companies  are paid hundreds or thousands of dollars to put the new drivers into the student driver /Trainerarrangement.This new driver is often put through a Further driver School that repeats the first schools basics.Not really doing anything but making a show for the DOT.Department of Transportation and safety records.Some of those Graduating students can not backup or negotiate traffic properly.They have tried to do what is expected of them with limited time to learn and a “horse and pony show” school.(A Farce).

That student is then placed with the company trainer.Sounds great till you realize that the “trainer” is lucky to have 6months or less of his/her own driving experience in a tractor trailer.The older drivers would train those students if they actually got pay due the responsibility.The students expected driving life with this truck company is six months or less.Anything that student does is his/her fault.The company  is protected by their bevvies of lawyers.That driver may not be so protected on his personal assets.

It’s then a problem for this student to get another job in spite of their neglected training.Their feet is held to the fire because they bear the label of “professional Drivers”,without the benefit of the experience.

The Truck companies then (more than Occasionally)Bill the driver after they are home with real or imagined expenses incurred.The Driver now has no Employment via trucking company sabotage on his career.It may be months or years till the students next driving job,If ever again!

The bills will still be sent to the out of work drivers from that company.The law suits will take place.The collections agents will hound the former driver with demands.Judgements will follow.Then the unkindest cut of all.One that driver will never escape even if he/she wins the lottery.The income taxes they could not pay will
demand payment and start proceedings on this former driver.The company meanwhile has recruited 100more
new and experienced CDL drivers to use and throw away as they please.The government is in pardnership with them.Who among us knows a law firm that would fight for an out of work driver who can prove that he didn’t
do what is documented by a spiteful company dispatcher…
As a CDL “Professional Driver”,You are Guilty till some one helps you back to work and you prove you probaly might have been shafted in reality…It is still recorded on a permanent record same as if you were a convict…

That is all for now,Next time you see a truck driver,Don’t hate them for what you see,Reflect on this article written by a CDL driver that has been through the scenarios above at one time or another.I will tell you it is real.A tractor in the ditch or tailgating,blowing the train horns,using the jake brake thru a residential area.
Thats never been my cup of tea.My crime was the dispatcher by his own words stated that he just didn’t like me and no-one at the big yellow EX-cabover/Arkansas based company would lift a finger to save my business.

I still receive their bills in the mail demanding payment for things I never ordered done on my lease truck.

The system needs to be changed by drivers that have an interest in their craft.Like the rest of the worlds problems.It has to be fought from the inside by those knowing where to look.

That is All for now,Drive safe and enjoy the ride while you can.After 23yrs of accident free,safe driving and 18 students of mine on the road still( 1 is a award winning dedicated driver).I will watch you all go by and remember my time on the road.May God Keep You All In The Palm Of His Hand.


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