Creating a job outa nothing.

12 Jun

Man thinking on a train journey.

Man thinking on a train journey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am forever perplexed by people that say I cant find a job.No one will give me a job.I am currently unemployed myself.I am not on social services or disability.Bureaucratic control,and the dirty looks people give you.These are however,ugly memories of when I had to be on that years ago.Rather than rant and rave like those folks on the radio,I hope to provide you with a ray of hope.These are not hair brained schemes to grab what little money you have or an internet Flim-Flam.I don’t want anything but your ability to read and be inspired to help yourself.’TO THY OWN SELF BE TRUE’.just ideas from a guy that has been there.I know what its like to have the system dump you like garbage.I have been screamed at by my social worker for not finding a job,There wasn’t any available at the time.I have seen the look in the eyes of the cashiers when you present your food card.The immediate freeze out when you proudly hand your job application to a possible job site that would really help both of you.That obvious tone change in the voice and the look that says it all.I’ve BEEN THERE ,DONE IT,got the mental scares to prove it.Just like you,my friend.I wont compare as to who has been worse.Life is all a matter of perception anyway you look at it.Is the glass half mt or half full?
So,here’s what you are waiting for.Ideas on how to survive the system without being on your knees.can you handle this?I believe its better to fight back standing as a human being than dying as a victim on your knees.Pride goe-th b4 a fall,but I humbly say we deserve a little dignity as humans.Are you getting pumped up for this?You need to get your thoughts under control to do the following steps to your better life:read on and don’t POO-POO this till you can go somewhere quiet to kinda think about it.
Steps to change,remember its always darkest b4 the dawn.
Anything you can survive makes you stronger(hopefully smarter).
1).Dump the negative Mindset.
I cant do it,they wont hire me,I’m too disabled,what can i do,Please note it only took one man to change the empire of Englands colony of India.That is bolonie.Life sucks n then u die wont work.Its self defeating.
Within you lies the power to seize the hour and live your dream.Use it or lose it.
2)Even if you have only 2 fingers that work,you are still a useful human being that can contribute to your life and to the society in which you live.even among the homeless there is the leaders.They truly have nothing to give but of themselves.2 fingers is all I use to type this.Mr.Steven Hawkins,Is physically impaired.He is also incredibly gifted.Look him up…
If you have a brain and are totally impaired,have no arms or legs,You may still have a brilliant
mind.Use it.i have witnessed people who were in the “special class”at school hold jobs and

2)Sit Yourself down in a Quiet place with no disturbances.Libraries are perfect or a nice quiet park.Take a paper and pen.close your eyes to calm all the junk in your life that created stress.take a few very deep breathes to drop your heart rate.this is real healthy for you Open your eyes and write down a list of all the things you can do well and the things you really enjoy doing or thinking about.It doesn’t matter if you spell it right or if you have complete thoughts in detail.just write as many things as you can.this isn’t a timed test.Take your time.look around to break the blocks on your thoughts.Its your life your listing.
Now on a second sheet of paper,list all the things you hated doing and all the things that were very difficult to get through.
These lists are only for you and are your private lists.
The first list is a positive list and are your strengths to push you into the niche in life you want.These things on this list is what you have experience doing that were enjoyable and easy.
The list of the difficult things are not the negative things in your life.This list is the list of things that become a wall to bang up against when you are striving to your niche or goal in life.These items will be a forewarning list.When you see the item starting to pop up at you in your dream then you find someone with the specialized strength to do that item or job.You Assign the responsibility to them.Trade or barter your own strengths or services for that service of theirs.That can cost little or nothing if worked right.its called networking.
You can find many Positive folks for free in the public colors,all walks of life and ready to teach and inspire you for free.Imagine the folks you always dreamed of being mentored by.The Philosophers,Teachers,Preachers,Profits.They are waiting for you there.Dont like to read,you say?Those peoples words are easily listened to on audio books.Theres no excuse to sit and mope.we need you to be the best you can and wanted to be.Go for it.


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