Blogging :Lessons from the Masters

15 Jun

I finally broke down and borrowed a couple of books from the library on Blogging.The books were Blogging for business by Shel Holtz. The second authors are Nat Mcbride and Jamie Cason.The book is simply called ” Blogging.You Cant miss it as the cover has an otter on it.These books Really covered the spectrum of my long dead Blog site.Truly I wish to thank the authors for their efforts in boosting my blog efforts.Its a more than worth while time saver to learn from the Masters knowledge to pass on to those of us in the novice category.If blogging is what Your passions require,learn from the,learn,persist…..Tom Edison failed Many times till success found him.I am in pursuit of some of ole Tom’s luck.So far I dont have many folks looking things over on my sites.I can only keep trying till I get it right.Is there anyone doing as I  am doing.beginning to write on the internet.I would love to hear from you.I wish politics and religion wasn’t hot a subject.I’m sure there’s more to blog about.Basically,i am looking for subjects that people are interested other than writing about that which seems to cause hate and discontent.Got and Idea,let me know…Comments are welcome,but please keep it polite.


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