update on my homebuilt no welds experimental tadpole trike project

18 Jun

the new trike

the new trike (Photo credit: yewenyi)

the start of the ride

the start of the ride (Photo credit: yewenyi)

My last blog was a rough outline on a recumbant tadpole trike with62 possible gears choices.I have since finished this phase of the project and discovered a real problem existed.the pedal area of the frame was not strong enough to keep from twisting.All was fine on my first attempted ride,  I started picking up speed and slipped a front chain.It was because the trikes frame had warped from  the pedal side stress.So my beloved trike is back on the drawing board.Design wise anyway…i am trying to design a trike that would be easy to build fir anyone that doesnt have a machine shop to make all the holes,welds etc.Just tab”A” into slot”B” sorta thing.I will perfect it eventually.Then I can do my dream adventure of a life-time.A year long journey to see the country on the finished product.

Can you even imagine the freedom of the road without a boss hanging over your shoulder.I can,because its my dream…A troop of Techies that have a dream of traveling in their odd looking pedal powered,solar assisted vehicles.These folks are independent of the grid as free people.Writing articles on camping gear,survival,bicycles,or just the encounters that we have as permanent tourists.Independence isn’t free.It means putting the usual life that people have on hold.The nice little house.Nice little car.The nice little yard.The butt busting boss.Stress big enough to kill a Marine Corp.Hard-case.Yeah it would just break my heart to have to leave all that behind.To be able to home school your kids as you wished.Just an awful life.Lets call this little band of roving folks a Tribe of Technomads”in honor of the original Technomad that toured for years in the 60,s.If you google Technomad,You will find our mentor,Stephen.

With his equipment which was state of the art then and is a museum piece now,he traveled by pedal power for 9years.using binary keyboard input to write / shortwave radio to communicate and the archaic internet of that period to write.think what that lifestyle would be if he had had what is Hi-Tech now.Just think of the possibilities that miniturization has made available.Lets use that thought for a moment in time.

I would love just love to find a group of talented people that could share their life talents to hold it all together as a…Well lets call this group of pedal powered,solar charging techies a”TRIBE”That is what it is for all intentional purposes.

We would have Smartphones,Laptops,Portable stoves,solar cells,and the best camping equipment available.The light weight things available to the world is hi-tech in its own right.The living would be free and easy if we could establish a system of support and survival.The survival of the “Tribe”would be the greatest priority.The schooling,communication with the world,and working for each member of the Tribe would be balanced be the ease of lifestyle.No timetables.No boss on your butt.Just the democratic choices of the tribe to go where it chooses in the country.A true democracy.

WE would be the test bed for products of the camping industry,Electronics industry,food industry.Maybe the survivalists could learn from us. either way it will be the trip of a lifetime.People joining us as we go thru towns just to say they road with us a ways.TV and radio trying to pickup a bit of news on us as we get near their area.The experiences will be memorable if nothing else.A new sunrise each morning and a new sunset each night.The stars over head as your ceiling.Ride south for the winter and north for summers.Maybe we will find our Shangri-La .

This is my goal for one year from now.A trek of Techies that work,ride and live together as a fully integrated TRIBE.Technomads.

Your friends will think your crazy.Your significant other will think you need therapy.You will laugh each day as you get in better shape and earn money as you pedal and enjoy.John Lennon ‘s sang “You may say I’m a dreamer,but I’m not the only one.Is this a dream you have hidden deep in your emburdened life.Homeless is not realizing the whole world is your home,The water is free,before they bottle it for you(cut out the middleman)  .The food is anywhere and even a soup kitchen is something to write about.Showers are actually available anywhere.See camping gear   That is available today.Hot shower to go..Yup! no need to cooked barb-q style anywhere,baked to order.Sleeping in confort even in Heat and cold.Life in the free of grid world isn’t so bad when you plan ahead.You may want to share your thoughts on this idea of mine.

To my knowledge it hasn’t been done before in this way.Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.More to come in the future blogs. Till next time,Take care my friends.

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