Has Anyone Seen The Latest Positive Newscast?

19 Jun

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Has  anyone found a newscast that has positive events to report.I can’t believe the negative reporting by just about anyone on the tv or radio these days.I remember listening to the radio in the days when radio and tv was trying to uplift the population(masses) with positive things.Events such as the Kennedys happenings were even made to be positive.with the event of their deaths being the exception of course.Through out the years news and programs have gone from the Lone Ranger and Tonto,Jack Benny,more recently the voice of the great Paul Harvey.Both senior and Paul Junior were a daily listen for me when I was traveling around the various parts of the United States and Canada.
It seems that the broadcasters today seem to value the caustic sarcasm style of people bent on acting like that relative your family tries not to invite for holidays.You know,thatperson that spends their time whining and bemoaning everyone that has a different view on lifes many facets.Apparently their viewpoint is without color or dimension.I can only imagine that their mindset is the drabbest shade of greasey grey goo.I heard a broadcaster that ranting about a singer that I have grown to listen to sing.They were saying  very uncomplimentary things about her.Everything from the meat outfit she wore to the way she sings.Blah,blah,blah etc
Forget the fact that she is an inventor,extremely smart and has a heck of strong voice for a pint size powerhouse.I will not mention her by name because the stars have become targets for the nobodies sitting in deadend jobs with no hopes of anything in the future.
The media has become a dumping ground for degrading the people that we used to look up to.The lifestyles of the famous has become the focal points of their humaness  instead of the things they can do.The services and talent they provide to us everyday.We search for the slightest imperfection to start degrading and demonizing them.I have no idea as to why this has become so popular these days.We may never return to those thrilling days of yesterday.Perhaps that’s why our society is in chaos with bullies in the news and School shooting copy cats making our headlines.The constant barrage of negative input is melting our Spiritual Conciousness.Would we see empty shells if our vision could see  the spiritual outlines of our being.
This leaves  themselves degraded while they try to make everyone as low as they think of themselves.Maybe Our bullies have learned too well, from the political radio folks or the announcers that show them how to degrade others to help them feel better about their own opinion of themselves.Teach your children well,Their parents hell…a popular song was singing on the station that the announcer above spoke.I guess that lesson escaped  him .

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