Social Security Regs Need Revamping to allow Ambitious persons To Become Independent.

28 Jun

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Social Security Adminstration building on Edsa...

Social Security Adminstration building on Edsall Rd – 100-0027 (Photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL))

I recently lost My Dad after a long battle with The isolation of nursing home “care”.more on this in another time.I have to calm my intense anger on that situation,before I write.My younger sister had taken care of him after my mother died of kidney failure and cancer.She was a live in caretaker that became disabled after a co-worker went drinking during lunch hour. She stood looking out a window ,this man kicked her in the spine and caused her to be disabled .She tried to press charges but the local sheriff was a drinking buddy and the good ole boys system worked it sick magic once more.My sister would visit the nursing home just as often as social security $$ allowed.She had to fight almost 10years to make them believe anything had actually occured.Hearings after hearings,still ss denied benefits.Finally results came after another Lady Attorney stepped in and fought this nonsense to a close.The ss folks Made her sign a paper that she would never earn more than their Poverty payments.
She had just won a small amount from the job where she had worked for her prior injury.The company was found negligent and setttled.Not even close to her ten year fight w/o a job.Social security also took her winning from the suite…
This brings me back to present time,and my dads passing.
Dad left a small annuetty For her to live on till she could get on her feet.The funeral insurance was delayed indefinitly .She used the small amount of money to bury dad.The money went to fulfill dads wishes for his funeral.Social security sent a letter the next day saying my sister was to be punished for earning more than their crappy little amount they pay people from the gansters at social security in Geneva N.Y. They have denied her the rest of her life the benefits we pay into these thieves.She paid the money into dads funeral expenses.She has not kept the money that ss says she has as an income .Social Security Is punishing her for doing the morally proper duty of burying an Elder Citizen.The decent thing to do.We need to revamp the Social Security System to empower the people to become independent .The system should not be allowed to hold people in poverty status for the remainder of their lives.
The system needs to provide a way for those who get extra money to live better.They should never have the power to take money from folks poverty stricken,that have come into good fortune.
This deal is simply a fine example of one individual in a back office with no one monitoring how many folks are getting stiffed by the system.My family was told that dad should have been left in the morgue indefinitly.What a very sensitive thing to tell a family in morning a patriarch.Lets force the people who are suppose to be minding the store to shrink the monster government and free people who can financially grow, do so.Perhaps the phrase”LET MY PEOPLE GO”. ( Moses) applies here.America is a land of fading opportunity.We are being forced to except less and less by the small people in some back woods office that will never have any incentive to do anything else but deny the people that are paying their miserable little wages.We are supposed to be their employers and not the serfs begging for alms.We worked for that money and should have a right to earn what ever we are capable of only by our incentive to do better for ourselves and our family.This was a kind thought of my dad who thought it was a small thanks for being there all those years.Social Security should never have any business to butt in to such things with such power to punish without any controls by a unbiased council.

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