Dinosaurs Maybe The Cause of Climate change(The Real Story)

05 Jul

Vegans at the Melbourne "Walk against War...

Vegans at the Melbourne “Walk against Warming,” December 12, 2009, during the Copenhagen Summit on climate change. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Mis-shapes (Photo credit: Mark Witton)

I was listening to the radio today on one of those distant stations that fade in and out.I was focused on what I was working at when I caught a scientist (who’s name I didn’t get),mentioned that the dinosaurs Flatulence was the cause of climate change.Must of  been some brew and chili they had those millions of years ago.
I imagined him sitting there in the broadcast room with the windows closed to keep out the Dinosaur farts still floating lazily in the polluted breeze.I just know he had the a/c turned off in the 90+degree heat.I was seeing him sit there in my minds eye with the tin foil wrapped around his head to prevent the cosmic rays from further mutating his cortex.

I have no doubt as one of the ordinary folks hearing the news these days that the environment and climate have changed over the centuries.I do have a theory about the cause of the changes over time though.
It seems that with any bio-system  needs to find a balance to maintain life of any kind. Earth is no exception.An aquarium or terrarium needs to maintain balance or it dies.Those systems are locked into what its keeper does to maintain that balance.Okay,so what is my theory? Here goes..Give me just a moment to figure out how to put on this aluminum foil hat so I can get the proper ” Air” of coming up with My theory.

A long,long time ago in a far off world ,lived creatures of gigantic proportions.These creatures weighed may hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds.Their enormous size made it mandatory to eat tons of vegetables daily.The Meat eaters had many of those  vegetarian critters to munch on.It was a virtual paradise for them.Well for everything but the vegetarian critters.They were pretty much munchies on the run.All was well for many millions of years.Eating,breeding,and leaving big smelly piles all over the place.They never took time to clean up any of their own messes.You know how that goes.The vegetarians blamed the meat eaters and the meat eaters ate the complainers for lunch and later left them in one of those piles.It got ugly,and stinky.The meat eaters were sorta spitefull of the vegan dino-critters.their blood pressure was lower and they lived longer healthier lives.So the meat eaters ate them to show them it could change at anytime….apparently the smaller vegans made great night time munchie snacks. There has been numerous vegan bones found in the area with large meat eaters at excavations .just saying…

After many hundreds of centuries of this kind of flatulence . Those critters just got bigger and bigger every generation.
unfortunatly Greater amounts of food were needed to maintain the creatures,leaving even bigger piles of
Dino-doo-doo.The flatulence became so intense that mother nature decided to take action.She(being landlord and sole proprietor)turned off the heat to discourage the occupants From living and pooping all over.The Dinosaurs only had a brain the size of a walnut.With this in mind, this story will no doubt,surprise you as to what actually might have happened next.The Dinosaurs called a truce and the meat eaters agreed to only eat the fat/slow vegetrians till it ended.The Grand Hi Order of Dino-Pubbadom was summoned to oversee the meeting.He(The Grand Hi Muckie-Muck)+ was elected by the brain size he had as many leaders throughout history have been since..His was the size of a pea.Much ezier to convince due to not enough  grey matter to confuse the argument.Never the less The Grand Dino-Pubba Hi Muckie-Muck did some 5leaved  brain expander herb to open his pea-brain to visions .This  May have contributed to his pea-size brain..He was amazed to see two legged warm blooded creatures, appear in the future visions.He was seeing humans thru history, killing off each other.The puzzling thing was these creature were killing for something called war.They had to be raptor desendents,he thought complete maniacs those raptors.The Ice Age was advancing and the Grand Dino-Pubba foresaw the death of all those Dino- creatures except a tiny few.The dinosaurs came up with a plan to return Dinosaurs to the paradise after a time past.They would leave the dead and dying  bodies where these technological future  humans would find them a long time in the future.The dinosaurs  would die and change into fossil fuels.The stink of the dead dinosaurs would turn to crude oil(properly named 4 stink) would get them used to the smell of dinosaurs.Movies(whatever they were) would prepare the humans for the rise of the Grand Dinopubba and his followers return.A baby Woolly Mammoth was placed where it would rest in ice for them to find.Reanimation by something called cloning.Then those silly  human creatures would stink up the world and mother nature would feel bad about getting rid of the humans by throwing them into the extinction cycle.Of course,this is only a theory that might have happened.Its just as sensible as  dinosaur farts killing them.More recntly laws by humans are just as silly. The more Recent  law that someAir-head (possibly smoking those  5 leaved  brain plants) wanted to diaper cattle and cows in the pastures to prevent them leaving piles.Then later, there was the crowd that wanted to make farmers put Methane tubes up cows butts to collect methane gas,ETC for fuel. I believe the Idea died shortly after the Farmers offered to let the brainchild install the hoses.Every balanced eco-system has to find balance by adjusting to extremes till a correct  balance is found.Doomsday wont happen Unless WE make it happen.We simply have to allow natures bio-system to adjust to what is disturbing its harmony.Dinosaur flatulence lasting a million plus years would be large.Perhaps that should be called the second big bag.Maybe that’s what made the crater in the earth in Arizona.Man that one had to be a real Flatulent thunder blaster….
sounds like a lot of dino-doodoo to me

Enhanced by ZemantaThats all for now friends,I’ll be talking to you again soon.RJP
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