Warning to FunMood Virus Victims,It Cant Be Removed W/o Toatal Uninstall Browser

08 Jul

i was recently Victimized By Updating Mozilla to the 13.0.1 version.I have used the Browser without a great deal of Problems.This time It came with the Hidden FUNMOOD search engine which completely displaced all my other 100 or so search engines with really crappy [If you will please excuse my Frustration:(].I uninstalled the Mozilla numerous times,ran reams of Anti-spam,Antivirus,anti Malware ETC. I ended up turning off all of the add ons to allow the Mozilla e/Gecko Engine finally fire up and allow me to do this blog.I even downloaded Lunarscape,Hoping to avoid constant crashes.Its a fine simplified triple engine browser from Tokyo.It also crashed.The Browser Is one I used to Use before blogging.The FUNMOOD garbage  virus is filled with cheap drawings of fat characters Pulling their bellyfat.If I clicked on the X to exit the nonsense,it crashed my browser.Stopzilla,and Rogue Killer would stop it from running for a short time.The FunMood Virus simply cloned(I assume) onto another program.The inventors of this kind on nonsense really needs to be hunted down and held responsible for their actions.

I have just spent the better part of two days,Manually working through every program of my computer to clear this virus.I can almost hear someone saying “so wheres your antivirus.I downloaded and ran 4 free antivirus programs that normally work.Not this time folks.It disappears,only to return when rebooted and clicked onto the web.I Do hope I can prevent some-one out there in the world from really being attacked by this.I can rebuild it again,Many would have their computer system left useless and have to completely reload their windows system.

This may not be a virus as such.I am lead to believe that it is by the persistant actions it displays.For short :if it quacks like a duck it walks like a duck,Flies like a duck and lays eggs like a duck…..Its probably a duck.Beware and dont use the FUNMOOD search engine.


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4 responses to “Warning to FunMood Virus Victims,It Cant Be Removed W/o Toatal Uninstall Browser

  1. Alex

    July 14, 2012 at 9:27 am

    Don’t waste your time trying this and that. Use system Restore and get it done. Easy.

    • rjpickering/teliquan

      July 15, 2012 at 2:32 am

      Alex,You can easily run Rogue killer and antibrowser hijacker next time and save yourself all the restore blues.
      It kills fun-mood,dead.I found it on the freeware download site by Googling it.sorry I didnt get your comment sooner or I would have sent this asap.It would’ve saved you a bit of grief.Next time pardner.At least the word is out about funmoods dirty deeds now.
      Be talking to you ,Thanx for the input.

  2. jason/ VF-00

    July 14, 2012 at 2:04 pm sucks, I received my little gift while downloading mint 13. I was able to fully remove it.

    • rjpickering/teliquan

      July 15, 2012 at 2:40 am

      Jason,Thanx for your input.I downloaded the freeware programs called Roguekiller and anti-browser hijacker.
      Took the fun outa funmoods plan.Killed it dead.Followed up with a little register clean-up.Its good as new now.
      Appreciate your input on the matter.Your right on the mark though…It really sucked.Hope that company doesnt plan on a long history with downloads.
      Till next time my friend,Keep the faith.


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