The weather has been its usual beastly Dry and Hot Here Self Lately,Global Warming Or…..?

16 Jul

For the past few months it has been hotter than normal all over the world.The weather is freaking out with storms where it is normally dry.Swampy areas have been hit with drought.Fires that are record holders for the USA,caused by the extraordinary dry season.people have lost home,hearth.In many cases it’s caused the loss of life to many.The fire folks are both pro and volunteers.They battle these fires with the best equipment available to them.usually with the most minimum of a budget.Budget folks expect them to do the incredible with the minimum equipment.The volunteers are from all points of the country.They drive,fly and bus into the raging flames of Hell itself.They dont have to do anything but sit at home and watch the action on Television.Not unlike many others,I stand as one of the guilty.You really got to have the right stuff to Be a Firefighter,Border Patrol,or Law Enforcement or anything that consistently puts your butt on the line for what you truly believe in your heart.Without these heroes there would be anarchy and chaos.Good citizens tent to be just that as long as there is others to provide peer pressure.I remind you of  New Orleans after Katrina….Even police are people when anarchy reins.

I can’t imagine how many unsung heroes are called away from home to help strangers they dont even know. Imagine with me if you will the following scene:An alarm goes off and the person responds with an attentive ear to the call for help.Rushing to their homes door,they turn to kiss their loved one  goodbye,hug their children with a backward look  ,I’ll be back as soon as I can honey,You kids be good while I’m gone”.They give their pardner a look of  hope,turn and quickly leave to heed the call of distress.Speeding to the scene of the problem they never know when that will be the last time they ever lay eyes on their loved ones.The last time they will ever hold their Loved one or their children again.

The stress level of those left behind, has got to be tremendous indeed.To be held in the grip of something between pride and fear of loss.They know its vital to society for these heroes to be out on the job.Its a matter of life and death to those they serve.And serve they do very well.

The people who are the border patrol,firefighters,police at every level are all superheroes that every kid growing up has admired.The kids eyes light up when they see the uniforms of these heroes walking by.Can you imagine your child fearing any of these uniformed heroes.I recently read of plans to have children report to teachers anything their parents are doing at home that can be used to investigate that family.  The authorities would be notified and uniformed officers would “visit” to investigate the childs innocent conversations with teachers.The specific object of the childs conversations would be handed to police if criminal intent were deemed to exist.Fire marshals would be sent for anything sounding like their dept. should investigate.Border patrosl are going to be used to hunt the illegal folks found hiding in fear of discovery.All using the school teachers.Teachers are to become the Trusted friend of a child,only to betray.It will become a duty With or without choices.

The future is what we make it.Qoute”There is no fate but what you make”.(John Connors, Terminator Killer).Can you imagine the image of these wonderful folks if this kind of nefarious Terminator image becomes the future for these dedicated people.Yeah theres a small percentage of garbage in every profession that ever was…If this is allowed to become the norm then we will lose more of our heroes to the “us and them” persona that movies portray.Look for my blog regarding  some ideas to change the way things are in the world.Together “We The People”can change the world.

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