Technomads unite :)

NY - winter times. enero 2005.

NY - winter times. enero 2005. (Photo credit: jujuly)

The Days ahead                                           OK,Its a little bit hammy.but in the days to come,I really hope to bring subjectsof interest to my readers.why cant we regenerate organs instead of surgery.I will tell how I broke up gallstones.without surgery…That I read of a man who has invented  AI(artificial intelligence).Will show you my frog trike recumbant anyone can ride.Will discuss the new battery that might free the world of the grid.Cancer treatments that are not to well known.I have an interest in these things.Not a doctor and offer this as discussion only.As someone who is a little accentric,I can do this.The blog may even include how I survived a NY Winter in a shelter of canvas and nylon.It has a sound system and 37inch flat screen tv.You Don’t Have to be miserable if your homeless.Just prepare for the worst and live in the moment.I have many interests to blog for you stay tuned for another tale of yesterday,today,and tommorrow.Till next time take care.


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