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Ontario County NY Left out of program to replace Old Unsafe Mobile Homes

Home struck by F2 tornado

Home struck by F2 tornado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Ontario County N.Y. program to replace the old and unsafe mobile home trailers is in jepordy..Many people that have lived in these “trailers have been there for decades.They are now aging,retired,disabled with reduced incomes.They are still very Independent but need a little help financially to replace the long unsafe trailers with modern updated units.The local code have change over the years to improve the safety of housing.These places are being provided money through the Governmental offices to make your neighborhood safer by replacing the units that now have corroded water pipes,worn sewer lines and possibly electrical standards that were great decades ago.Without the county allowing the funds to be given out residents face substandard housing while other counties are reaping harvests that upgrade the local tax assessments on land for the neighborhood.It not only provides better living conditions for many who would do so if they still could,it makes safer neighborhoods to live in.People are not going to be to Irate about the house next door burning down till it catches their castle on fire.That sweet little old couple next door would burn to death because the politicians withheld some funds that might just have saved them burning.That same older couple would not have to suffer another poorly insulated  aging home and a deadly cold winter..
It is without a doubt that most of these folks love the fact that they have their independence at a home they took years to pay for.they have been good citizens and simply cant  restart life at this stage in life.
The Federal,State and Local Programs have no trouble building Projects that soon become disasters.
These folks have worked for years to be good citizens Time has simply worn out their housing.It is now far more costly to repair and refurbish the aging modulars and mobile homes.The housing standards are far more strict than in recent years.replacing the old units will benefit all those concerned with safety.
You may examine this information at this website to verify what I say is information free to the public from New York State DHCR Statewide Manufactured Home Replacement Initiative .The web address is maybe a program for you if your interested where ever you may live.
Theres also a petition online(no profit) @ ,that you may examine and sign if you agree.
If there’s other  Places doing this then get on the net and lets see what we can accomplish.Information is power and we the people need to use it wisely.
Bye for now and take care of you and yours.

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