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Returning After Near Death Events

I have been busy these last months after going temporarily blind one late night watching A movie on TV.The Lights went completely out.I new that the house lights were on but My eyes saw only a black void.I sat there in my easy chair with the TV playing and was blind.

I had no vision at all.t amazed me that my state of mind was quiet and analyzing  what just happened.I placed my hand in front of my face then touched my face I guess to use another sense to double check my findings.

I have heard folks say how many things go through ones head when they find themselves alone,and stricken ed.I realized I had possibly had a stroke.Calling the local emergency number on speed dial got the hospital night operator who 4times put me through to an answering machine but refused to get me help even after I told her my life was threatened

I sat there wondering how to navigate out of my Man-cave size room with out falling over anything.I wondered how different my life would be now.The thought that I had vision, memories to help in new darkness might carry me through the tough times I was heading into.I thought of how I was going to have to stay put till someone discovered me.

I wondered if this was a punishment for something in my past.I quickly put those thoughts out of my mind.We punish ourselves with out any superpower bothering with it.I was alive even so I thought..I was alive and whatever it was had not killed me.That’s the the first order of access your situation.Size up your options.Start a plan of action.Focus on the now

I was alive didn’t seem to have anything more than the eyes effected.Arms moved.Hands open and closed.legs moved.No dizziness or light headedness.All systems go except the eyes.Those wonderful instruments that record 75-80% of all we do each waking moment.

So there I sat in pitch darkness wondering what to do.Saying a silent  prayer to God to give me strength…(I would learn later this situation ran about 25 to 45minutes). Then with my right eye there was a tiny pinhole of faint light.The left eye began to clear as though looking through a frosted window.The pinhole vision slowly grew wider and wider till vision was restored.Foggy but restored.When I felt able to walk I made My way to the other end of the house and woke people for a ride to the hospital.

I was admitted for tests and found that a blood-clot had moved out of my brain and traveled through my right eye.99% of my right neck artery and both blood vessels in my heart were blocked.An hour after my emergency surgery It was like the lights all went on.Sounds and lights were over whelming Folks talking was clear and easily understood.I walked without the help of others.My mind was sharper than before.

The prior months began to be a terrible burden on my family as I was less and less able to function.Doctors didn’t suspect I was dying inside.My bicycle building had stopped because I couldn’t focus.I tired easily do to lack of oxygen via my blood flow to heart and brain.There were days when I would be so frightened because I didn’t recall where I was.My blogs and other articles began to show a major personality change.Then I found my writing extremely hard to do.Then I had to Leave them completely.

I was having severe nightmares due to lack of oxygen to my system.I was requiring more and more sleep every day.My weight increased from health and inactivity.Everything in my system/Body was shutting down.The doctors couldn’t pinpoint the cause.

I ran tests with treadmills.Had EEG’s and EKG’s.Scans and MRI’s.None of the test apparently found the cause.They did blood tests and put me on drugs for a disorder I had 30years ago.I guess the medical folks just got frustrated.The Blood-clot came after I was forced to retire very early and my long held perfect drivers license was taken for my safety.

Now….I have permanent damage from taking so long to find the problem.Blood clots and stroke kill many people who are not elderly.Age doesn’t matter.The papers on Vietnam Veterans Autopsies stated that a high percentage of those 18 and more veterans had damage from many mini strokes throughout their lives.

I did okay with this health situation.The story here is because it took me by surprise and now I am living and learning after the fact.I hope this serves any age group with a warning to take care of yourself.

If there comes a time you feel your failing without a reason (physically or mentally)Then find doctors or professionals to target a plan to help you.Your life will change even if you choose to ignore those signals that somethings not right.My life is on a rebound.For the grace of God go I.

The healthy diet I should have followed is now mandatory. Not to bad really…The long walks I neglected are now my program.My bicycle building and riding is now restarting.

It has been a long haul and I ain’t done just yet.But please if you read this then get a check up from a great doctor who cares enough to be thorough.It will save you and yours so much agony in the long run.

This is the voice of experience and I would not want anyone to have to go through it.You may not have the angel watching your foolish human back so well.

Till next time dear friends,Take care of yourselves.




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Economizing and Living Independent for survival in comfort In Today America


Travel (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn (back soon, sorry for not commenting))

English: Bicycle touring

English: Bicycle touring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

World cyclist Heinz Stuecke on the place de la...

World cyclist Heinz Stuecke on the place de la Sorbonne in Paris, France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The recent articles regarding my Recumbant  Trike project and my old articles regarding the Technomads Tribe is again on my mind.I have retired awhile ago so ai could devote more time to creating a rock solid self powered vehicle to travel at random with.I am hoping to get others interested in a life of travel,exercise and good times all over the USA.If others who were self supported were to go along with no demands to stay for any length of time it would truly be a happy group project.We would be that Technomadic Tribe.

Self sufficent would mean a way to support ones self along the way.The tribe would share life experience with whatever they knew best.For instance,A mechanic such as myself would help with repairs.Some one who was good with writing might help with a person supported by blogging.Some one such as a nurse would come in handy when a mishap handed out a skinned knee or elbow.A person with a long life of history background would find historical sites useful.Navigation might be a person who has traveled before.I think anyone with a good sense of their life would enjoy the friendship that will last a lifetime.Riding together has always been safer than alone.

Currently my research has been collecting articles on survival and self sufficiency of those who are experts.Articles of those already traveling on the road to lifes adventures have been a lot of help.The subtle little things they learned by hard lessons are well heeded.The type of terrain.How to cope with the different riding conditions.What to pack and how to stay out of trouble healthwise

.The vehicle you are riding would need to be rugged enough to be trouble free while not being astromonically expensive.I read about the folks that rode just acrossed the country and the enjoyment that they shared.There is also the 71year old gent that rode acrossed the USA and decided to keep riding.Has done so for years.He is quite the expert on the crossing alone.

Bicycling has been my interest since my paper route demanded a way to deliver the 110 papers to my customers.My older red head sister, Jean bought me a single speed Huffy with baskets.I have been riding every since with the exception of last year where a bit of surgery knocked me down for a while.Life is to short to just lay down and get fat…

Think for moment of the first day that you have no muscles aching and the crisp air filling your lungs as the morning greets your waking brain.The smell of bacon and eggs hits you in the nose and the smell of fresh coffee.Some one is fixing the breakfast in their turn for it.The day is just beginning and for the first time in a long time you feel healthy and alive.

The headline fears are still available to you since the electronic world has made that available.Communications with those you value are next fone linked to say I am ok or catch up on family or business  affairs.Then the morning meal with friends of the road tribe to eat,plan and get ready for the day ahead.Repair if need be and repack to get a better ride.Maybe to make the load more accessable,more,easily available.

The trip is not like the road racing bikes you see on the street.Pedaling like crazy to give their butts a ride.Going so fast and working so hard that they miss everything along the way.You all agree that the group is ready to ride and go at a leisure pace that everyone will enjoy.Stopping to take pictures,readjust for comfort and generally enjoying the time given.There is no relatable feeling that compairs to it when you finally feel in shape and nothing hurts.A few days after you started riding with the tribe the pains become muscle and your weight drops to comfort levels.Your body tunes to the athlete you always dreamed of being.You are free and alive,maybe fore the first time in a long time or the first time ever.The wind is in your face as you pedal along with your new friends who share your feelings of living.

You ride with others. Slowest riders in front and fastest riders in back to be able to pace the group.A few riders ride far ahead to scout the route for easiest passage.Your destination may be a camp ground somewhere ahead or a hotel for showers food and a rest period.The autos pass with care because there would be a lot of eyes in a misdeed done.The tribe is from all walks and professions of life.The talents and abilities are from diverse worlds united with the common love of thier life of freedom.

This article is as close as I can explain as to why I have worked for these years building a trike wih every conceivable option that I could find or think of.I wanted to retire and ride just to see the world I missed.I will be uploading  the pictures soon for those interested.I am constantly making upgrades with modifications to every part that doesnt measure up to an easy ride.

My latest project is trying to interest people in buliding trikes to travel this road with me.Perhaps for a summer,perhaps…..

I will be writing again soon I welcome those who are becoming followers and readers alike.WELCOME DEAR READERS


Photo of an Irish breakfast taken by Ludraman ...

Photo of an Irish breakfast taken by Ludraman with a Sony Cybershot DSC-P9. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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