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Returning After Near Death Events

I have been busy these last months after going temporarily blind one late night watching A movie on TV.The Lights went completely out.I new that the house lights were on but My eyes saw only a black void.I sat there in my easy chair with the TV playing and was blind.

I had no vision at all.t amazed me that my state of mind was quiet and analyzing  what just happened.I placed my hand in front of my face then touched my face I guess to use another sense to double check my findings.

I have heard folks say how many things go through ones head when they find themselves alone,and stricken ed.I realized I had possibly had a stroke.Calling the local emergency number on speed dial got the hospital night operator who 4times put me through to an answering machine but refused to get me help even after I told her my life was threatened

I sat there wondering how to navigate out of my Man-cave size room with out falling over anything.I wondered how different my life would be now.The thought that I had vision, memories to help in new darkness might carry me through the tough times I was heading into.I thought of how I was going to have to stay put till someone discovered me.

I wondered if this was a punishment for something in my past.I quickly put those thoughts out of my mind.We punish ourselves with out any superpower bothering with it.I was alive even so I thought..I was alive and whatever it was had not killed me.That’s the the first order of access your situation.Size up your options.Start a plan of action.Focus on the now

I was alive didn’t seem to have anything more than the eyes effected.Arms moved.Hands open and closed.legs moved.No dizziness or light headedness.All systems go except the eyes.Those wonderful instruments that record 75-80% of all we do each waking moment.

So there I sat in pitch darkness wondering what to do.Saying a silent  prayer to God to give me strength…(I would learn later this situation ran about 25 to 45minutes). Then with my right eye there was a tiny pinhole of faint light.The left eye began to clear as though looking through a frosted window.The pinhole vision slowly grew wider and wider till vision was restored.Foggy but restored.When I felt able to walk I made My way to the other end of the house and woke people for a ride to the hospital.

I was admitted for tests and found that a blood-clot had moved out of my brain and traveled through my right eye.99% of my right neck artery and both blood vessels in my heart were blocked.An hour after my emergency surgery It was like the lights all went on.Sounds and lights were over whelming Folks talking was clear and easily understood.I walked without the help of others.My mind was sharper than before.

The prior months began to be a terrible burden on my family as I was less and less able to function.Doctors didn’t suspect I was dying inside.My bicycle building had stopped because I couldn’t focus.I tired easily do to lack of oxygen via my blood flow to heart and brain.There were days when I would be so frightened because I didn’t recall where I was.My blogs and other articles began to show a major personality change.Then I found my writing extremely hard to do.Then I had to Leave them completely.

I was having severe nightmares due to lack of oxygen to my system.I was requiring more and more sleep every day.My weight increased from health and inactivity.Everything in my system/Body was shutting down.The doctors couldn’t pinpoint the cause.

I ran tests with treadmills.Had EEG’s and EKG’s.Scans and MRI’s.None of the test apparently found the cause.They did blood tests and put me on drugs for a disorder I had 30years ago.I guess the medical folks just got frustrated.The Blood-clot came after I was forced to retire very early and my long held perfect drivers license was taken for my safety.

Now….I have permanent damage from taking so long to find the problem.Blood clots and stroke kill many people who are not elderly.Age doesn’t matter.The papers on Vietnam Veterans Autopsies stated that a high percentage of those 18 and more veterans had damage from many mini strokes throughout their lives.

I did okay with this health situation.The story here is because it took me by surprise and now I am living and learning after the fact.I hope this serves any age group with a warning to take care of yourself.

If there comes a time you feel your failing without a reason (physically or mentally)Then find doctors or professionals to target a plan to help you.Your life will change even if you choose to ignore those signals that somethings not right.My life is on a rebound.For the grace of God go I.

The healthy diet I should have followed is now mandatory. Not to bad really…The long walks I neglected are now my program.My bicycle building and riding is now restarting.

It has been a long haul and I ain’t done just yet.But please if you read this then get a check up from a great doctor who cares enough to be thorough.It will save you and yours so much agony in the long run.

This is the voice of experience and I would not want anyone to have to go through it.You may not have the angel watching your foolish human back so well.

Till next time dear friends,Take care of yourselves.




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This Post Has Been A Long Time In Coming,I Am Blogging Back to WordPress

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This is a return that I have been asked, as to why I sorta abandoned it a couple years ago.
Well it goes like this,I moved most of my blogging to options were a little better with the Zemanta funtion and Mozilla‘s many addon’s to power the blogs up.

I truly wished that WordPress had more options like that.It really makes for a flashy blogging experience.The key also was that much of this Blogsite always seemed to be rather pricey in something as simple as a background.I also was a novice to internet writing.Most of my written work was not internet involved.

I like to read the best too.I would rather put the efforts into just writing a decent blog that might entertain or help someone out.I have pretty much proven that all those adds that have been on my blogs are a loads of UN-usable horse pooh.My intake for 136 Blogs made a whopping 19cents on 18months of goggle ads.Your not going to get rich with the internet.Good thing I am not into my writing for the money..I would starve to death.I truly feel bad for those who are suckered with all those people sending E-Mails bragging as to how many millions you will make in a month.Some even go as far as holding up a supposedly blown up monster check for the photo op.If they were Pinocchio,The photographer would need a telescopic lens to avoid the nose…

Everyday there is some one sending me loads of garbage in my mailbox for everything for so called enhancements for various body parts and functions.The politicians that flirt with the Internets temporary freedoms of press till it gets monitored into the black void.Then there is the men and women that are basically Prostitutes on call.All in various alluring pose’s to entrap.Incidentally reader,Some of those offers come directly from the homeland security factions.Go ahead and take a chance on creeping crud or jail.

I am back to WordPress because I can see what may be changes and enhancements to bring a better blogging experience to the writers.I will try to find things like the WordPress version of Zemanta or it’s rival which slips my memory at present.They really do make a great difference.

Another change which may be troubling my computer is that I am experimenting with various Linux programs.Currently I am really Perturbed at Microsofts abomination of windows 8.1.
I hate the little flippy doodle APPS.I really would have bought an Android fone if I wanted Android.I didn”t mind Win7,I loved XP Professional.I still have several older salvaged and rebuild towers with XP running proudly in them.So maybe the Linux system is
partly do to my learning curve with it.

Linux Mint,Bigdog,Puppy,and ubuntu are in my experimenting plans.I also have heard there is a linux program that mimics Windows XP PRO.I have yet to track it down.

Anyway,Thought I would start to use it again and see what it amounts to.My other Blogsite is running well now and can be found At Constitutional Rights Eroded By Dictated Laws on to have you as my reading guest.

Please return here often and see if I can entertain an intrigue you.Or just make you think.

Till next time dear reader.

Another reason might be that I also in the time period had had 2 laptops and a home unit expire from  working too hard thus taking my passwords with thier demise,sad…..very sad.

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